Pannoramic Confocal

Your immunofluorescent samples will appear on your screen in unprecedented quality

3DHISTECH presents its latest addition to research pathology. By combining confocal imaging with award-winning whole slide scanning technology, your immuno-fluorescent samples will appear on your screen in unprecedented quality!
With 3DView, the digital 3D reconstruction of the fluorescent images gives an amazing insight view of the whole specimen.



  • Innovative structured illumination confocal imaging to overcome the limitations of spinning pinhole-disc techniques. This delivers the highest light efficiency with minimal bleaching and fastest scanning speed.
  • Colocalized Fluorescent and Brightfield imaging
  • Automated immersion for high NA water immersion objective
  • Brightfield / Darkfield / Fluorescent Preview
  • Motorized Objective changer
  • 1D and 2D barcode reading
  • SW DDIC (Digital Differential Interference Contrast) for low contrast brightfield visualization        
  • Advanced export options (ROI, Wholeslide, grayscale/color, multichannel)        



Slide capacity 12 slides
Acceptable slide formats 25.5 (+-0.5) mm x 75.5 (+-0,5) mm, 1(+-0.05) mm thickness
Default objectives Zeiss Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 NA,
Zeiss C-Apochromat (W) 40x/1.2 NA
Camera type 5.5Mpx, 16 bit, low noise (1.3 e-)
PCO edge cooled scientific CMOS camera
Image resolution (in focus plane) 0,4 µm FWHM (with 40x 1.2NA objective)
Confocal sectioning 1,43 µm FWHM (with 40x 1.2NA objective)
Fluorescent illumination 6 channels Solid state light engine,
15000 hrs lifetime

Default fluorescent filter sets

# filter cube positions

filter type

Quad band: DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5,

3 (BF+FL mode) or 4 (FL mode)


Brightfield illumination 3CCD equivalent separated R-G-B LED
Digital slide format Proprietary digital slide format (MRXS) with lossless or JPG/JPGXR/JPG2000 encoding
Export opinions single/multi chanel


file format

annotation or whole slide


Instrument dimensions
W x D x H
97 cm x 58 cm x 103 cm or 39"x23"x41"
Weight 100 kg




Scanner software version: 1.22 SP1

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