Meet us at AACR Annual Meeting 2015!

3DHISTECH team is pleased and proud to welcome you to AACR Annual Meeting 2015 exhibition which is taking place in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 18th – 22rd April, 2015. We invite you to visit us on our stand #2141 and meet our professional, enthusiastic team to find out more about recent cutting-edge developments in digital microscopy.

We encourage you to learn about ways how 3DHISTECH solutions will help you to save time and money, and, most importantly, increase your productivity.

While you are there, do not miss our Theatre Presentation!

3DHISTECH presents:

Best of tissue molecular digital microscopy in cancer research

Date: Monday, 20th April 2015
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Place: Spotlight Theatre A


Karoly Szuhai MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Group of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cellular Oncology Department of Molecular Cell Biology Leiden University Medical Center LUMC, The Netherlands
Fluorescence and brightfield digital microscopy in mesenchymal tumors research and diagnostics

Zlobec Inti, Prof. Dr.
Senior Research and Teaching Assistant, Institut für Pathologie, Switzerland
Getting the most out of tissue microarrays: the ngTMA approach for translational (and reverse-translational) research.

Dr. Dmitry Yarilin MD, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, Molecular Cytology Core Facility Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA
3D tissue reconstruction and analysis using automated multiplex immunofluorescence and whole slide imaging of serial sections: understanding of tumors structure, tumor microenvironment and effect of treatment.

Our approach to digital image analysing is shaping the future of effective cancer treatment


Pannoramic Confocal

3DHISTECH has managed to couple confocal imaging with the Pannoramic award-winning whole slide scanning technology. With Pannoramic Confocal your immunofluorescent samples will appear on your monitor in unprecedented quality.
• 6 channel fluorescence illumination with solid state light source
• Highest confocal light efficiency
• Brightfield overlay



Pannoramic 250 Flash II - For the best image quality with the fastest brightfield and fluorescent scanning in one!

Key features:
•Walk-away 250 slides or continuous loading
•Brightfield and up to 9 channel fluorescent scanning



Digital Pathology Cockpit

Digital Pathology Cockpit - Intuitive digital slide viewing

Key features:
•High resolution, medical grade monitor
•SlideDriver for easy navigation on and between digital slides




TMA Grand Master

TMA Grand Master

TMA Grand Master with PCR extraction function
The tissue microarray (TMA) technique can be used as a valuable, high-throughput diagnostic method. By being able to place up to several hundred different samples into one paraffin block, TMA brings major economies in time quality and costs of tissue preparation, staining and slide preparation. The real advantages of tissue microarrays can only be achieved when using digital TMA. With 6 PCR cassettes and 10 PCR tubes/cassette.




QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications. By first segmenting the sample on the tissue level, the cell based algorithms can run faster and provide more reliable results. QuantCenter is designed for predictive and prognostic marker quantification and can be adapted to your lab’s IHC protocols.





In the 2.0 release we made the measurement possibilities of FISHQuant complete. Not only can FISHQuant work on cell samples, but the image processing of tissue samples is also possible. The new program, while maintaining the functionality of Cyto FISH, received a secondary non-specific measurement option, which allows for the numerical analysis of translocation probes, containing no structural abnormalities, and display the combined results of the two measurements and statistical                                                                analysis.


Should you prefer to agree on specific date and time for a personal meeting with 3DHISTECH representative, please send us a message to and we'll get back to you with a confirmation. Otherwise, just come to our booth, we'll be there to welcome you.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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