Please, be invited to the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) on Genomic Medicine, and visit booth number 834 at the industry exhibition, where 3DHISTECH introduces new developments together with PerkinElmer.

Date: October 25-27th, 2012
Location: Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, USA


D I G I T A L   P A T H O L O G Y

The Digital Pathology Cockpit
Your professional daily work environment.

Try out efficiency and comfort
with microscope-like navigation on digital slides!


  • CaseCenter – Web based slide and case database for easy slide access and integration with HIS/LIS.
  • CaseViewer – Open and organize your slides within one case with a single click!
  • SlideDriver – Various built in coarse magnifications, custom zoom level and Z-stack handling.
  • Pannoramic Viewer for iPad – Intuitive navigation and diagnosis on the go.
    Experience Mobile Pathology with the free application available on the iTunes Apps Store!

    Please, be invited for a webinar dedicated to our smart work environment solution!

D I G I T A L   M I C R O S C O P Y

Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners
Find the one optimized for your laboratory!

Pannoramic SCAN
Brightfield and fluorescence scanning in one device.

The Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanner Family
equipped with the award-winning Pannoramic optical system

High-speed brightfield and fluorescence scanning
in one device, big capacity

Brightfield and fluorescence scanning in one device,
optimal solution for research institutions

Only brightfield, small size, one slide capacity,
optimal for teleconsultation

Digital Slide FISH

Computer-assisted IHC and FISH quantification modules
for the free Pannoramic Viewer

3DHISTECH has the most comprehensive
digital microscopy product range on the market today.


Recommended for diagnostic pathology

Recommended for scientific research

3D reconstruction, visualization
and analysis from 2D serial sections

High-quality 3D visualization and
analysis with automated reconstruction
developed in cooperation
with microDimensions.


D I G I T A L   T M A - P C R
solution for the whole TMA workflow

Save valueable time and reagents
with Digital TMA Technology!

and attractive cost efficiency.
Now equipped with PCR extraction fuctions.



Slide preparation and staining

TMA block creation

Software-assisted TMA evaluation