The benefits of using Pannoramic Confocal

Pannoramic Confocal - A quick, easy-to-use whole slide imaging solution.


3 in 1 solution:


Colocalized Confocal, Fluorescent and Brightfield imaging



Full spectrum Fluorescence


• From Dapi to Cy7
• Up to 9 Fluorescent channels



Water immersion objective


• Better image quality and higher optical resolution
• real 20x „fast scanning” dry objective
• real 40x high numerical aperture immersion objective




High Speed


• Optimized for best signal/speed ratio
• 1x1 cm2 area in 4 minutes (40x)
• Significantly faster than laser scanning Confocal



Easy to use


• Can be operated safely after a few hours training


Low operating cost


• solid state LED lightsource
• >20 000 hours lifetime



Safe tissue handling


• Lowest breaching
• FOV-synchronized illumination
• Highest Confocal detection efficiency




No darkroom needed


• Compact hardware system shuts out external light



Preview function


• Brightfield, Darkfield and Fluorescent preview
• Minimal empty area scanning



No tissue thickness restriction


• up to 100 μm and more (as long as tissue can be shone through)
• Only requirement: transparent tissue



3 different optimized grids


• Confocality adjustable in 3 steps
• Optimized for commonly used 20x, 40x and 63x objectives


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