Cancer research

Cancer research requires considerable versatility with respect to objective usage, resolution and software. There is special emphasis on the archival of fluorescent samples, TMA technique, and standardization by multi-stains.

Requirements are similar to the pharmaceutical workflow, therefore, we recommend the same tools: Pannoramic MIDI and Pannoramic Confocal (tools recommended for brightfield and fluorescent scanning), CaseCenter for slide management, QuantCenter including FISHQuant for quantitative analysis as well as TMA and TMA Module.

Archiving, documenting, and recording of exact results are important as well.

TMA Module

Up to a couple hundreds of samples can be fitted on a single slide and all these samples are stained at the same time.


CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.


QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications