CaseCenter is a full featured slide management framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind. CaseCenter not only enables teleconsultation with digital slides but also gives you full control of your samples as it is a fast and effective slide and case database.  It has been designed to fit in both research and routine digital pathology.

Consultation plays an ever growing role in pathology. Faster and better diagnosis requires faster and better access to the medical samples. Digital slides make this all possible. CaseCenter as a full featured whole slide image management software with teleconsultation abilities helps in the process!
CaseCenter can be used in smaller or bigger laboratories or even hospitals or hospital networks. It can be integrated into existing hospital information systems.
CaseCenter is a flexible, distributed server system: more servers can easily be added for enhanced data security and storage requirements.

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CaseViewer is designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow


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