3DHISTECH is proud to announce the new CaseViewer version 1.4 release!

CaseViewer is designed for effective work with whole slide images. Easy to use, intuitive interface and high performance – the right solution for clinical pathology!

Discover brand new features coming with the latest CaseViewer version 1.4 release:

- Take advantage of accessing QuantCenter directly from CaseViewer! With the latest software release, users can now benefit from running all the image analysing modules right from CaseViewer 1.4
- Enjoy a more straightforward and simple working process when operating digital slides in version 1.4. Users can now create and send hyperlinks as an attachment from annotations.
- Don’t forget that CaseViewer 1.4 is available now on Mac OsX*! Users can enjoy a more convenient and easier digital slide access and manageability by operating the software both on Windows and Macintosh.
*Please note to open slide in Mac OsX only from CaseCenter.

Download CaseViewer 1.4

Download CaseViewer 1.4 for Macintosh (only with CaseCenter)