CellQuant module

Multi-level protein expression measurement.


CellQuant measures the stain intensity of cell nuclei, cytoplasm, and membrane in parallel.

Simply assign ’immunostain’ or ’counterstain’ to the different cell compartments and see the preliminary results instantly, before running the analysis.

This module supports brightfield and fluorescent sample analysis as well. Measurement profiles can be saved for later use.

By applying integrated color deconvolution to separate immunostain from counterstain, the software can be easily calibrated to the automated IHC stain protocol of your laboratory.

CellQuant can be used for research purposes only.

Linkable module concept: run PatternQuant or HistoQuant for tissue pre-segmentation first to get more precise results and to speed up the cell based measurement. A whole digital slide is analyzed in a matter of minutes!



Other features:

•    Powerful gallery with re-scoring and co-localization function
•    Batch processing  
•    Excel data export
•    Histogram, pie chart, scatterplot visualization options
•    Reporting

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QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications

HistoQuant module

HistoQuant detects regions of interest based on the color and intensity information.