CISHQuant module

Chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) is emerging as a practical, cost-effective, and valid alternative to fluorescent in situ hybridization in testing for gene alteration, especially in centers primarily working with immunohistochemistry (IHC).

CISH is advantageous for allowing pathologists to evaluate the histologic and molecular alterations occurring simultaneously in a specimen. Moreover, CISH is found to be more cost- and time-efficient when used with automation, and the signals do not quench over time. The CISH technique is a reliable alternative to FISH.



  • Brand-new application with two different algorithms, CISH  and CISH-RNA to the chromogenic in situ hybridization patterns, to be perfectly suited for detecting viral RNA
  • Ever reliable digital image processing on tissue samples for maximum support to pathologists, with rapid evaluation algorithm
  • 2 measurements on 1 diagramm with optional second test running to determine ploidy of tumor cells
  • Quick Measurement mode for mapping even widely separated cells
  • User-friendly, transparent results display in a unique cell Gallery


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FISHQuant module

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