World Wide Sales Partners of 3DHISTECH

Europe, Middle East & Africa

. Algeria   SYSMEX     Contact
ARM Armenia   Optec     Contact
AT Austria   Sanova      Contact
. Azerbaijan   Optec     Contact
. Bahrein   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
BY Byelarus   Optec     Contact
BE Belgium   SYSMEX     Contact
B Bosnia and Herzegovina   Medipixel     Contact
C Croatia   Medipixel     Contact
B Czech Republic   SYSMEX
DK Denmark   Histolab Products      Contact

Egypt   WADICO     Contact
Finland Finland   Histolab Products      Contact
FR France   SYSMEX     Contact
GE Georgia   Optec     Contact
DE Germany   SYSMEX     Contact
IR Iran   Kavosh Pasand Novin Company     Contact
IQ Iraq   Orbit Axis     Contact
IE Ireland   Laboratory Instruments & Supplies     Contact
IL Israel   Getter Bio-Med      Contact
IT Italy   Thermo Fisher     Contact
Jordan   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
KZ Kazakhstan   Optec     Contact
KW Kuwait   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
KG Kyrgyzstan   Optec     Contact
Lebanon   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
LU Luxembourg   SYSMEX     Contact
Macedonia Macedonia   Medipixel     Contact
Morocco Marocco   SYSMEX     Contact
Moldova Moldova   Optec     Contact
Moldova Montenegro   Medipixel     Contact
NL Netherlands   SYSMEX     Contact
NO Norway   Histolab Products      Contact
Oman   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
PL Poland   SYSMEX     Contact
PT Portugal   SYSMEX     Contact
Qatar   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
RO Romania   Balássy Connection      Contact
RU Russia   Optec     Contact
Saudi Arabia   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
ES Spain   SYSMEX     Contact
SE Sweden   Histolab Products      Contact
Serbia   Medipixel     Contact


Slovenia   Medipixel     Contact
South Africa   3FScientic     Contact
CH Switzerland   SYSMEX     Contact
TJ Tajikistan   Optec     Contact
Tunesia   SYSMEX     Contact
TR Turkey   SYSMEX  


TM Turkmenistan   Optec     Contact
United Arab Emirates   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact
UA Ukraine   Optec     Contact
GB United Kingdom   SYSMEX     Contact
UZ Uzbekistan   Optec     Contact
Yemen   Gulf Scientific Corporation     Contact


BR Brazil   Biogen     Contact
CA Canada   Quorum Technologies     Contact
us United States of America   Thermo Fisher     Contact
Uruguay   Bioquim     Contact

Asia & Pacific

AU Australia   Coherent Scientific      Contact
CN China (including Hong Kong and Macau)   Danjier Electronics      Contact
IND India  

Diagnostic Biosystems India



B Japan   Alex Corporation, BM Equipment     Contact
B Malaysia   Innovz Sdn Bhd     Contact
NZ New Zealand   Coherent Scientific      Contact
KR Republic of Korea   SeongKohn Traders’ Corp.     Contact
B Singapore   Gaia Science     Contact
TW Taiwan   Taiwan Instrument Co.     Contact
TH Thailand   Rapport Thailand     Contact