Digital Pathology

3DHISTECH's tools help simplify the areas of the pathology workflow where imaging, slide digitization, storage, archivation, visualization and analysis are performed. Depending on server capacity, slide scanning in small and high-volume (up to 1000 slides in a batch) is available. According to various demands, different scanning modes are offered such as Brightfield, Fluorescent, and Confocal.

We offer support to access digital pathology data from at any location of the World (within minutes after the digitization process is finished) with the help of the Internet, thus short-cutting the route from the laboratory to the pathologist, from the resident to the specialist, and providing capabilty for Teleconsultation.

Slides are digitized with high-resolution slide scanners. The resulting high-quality virtual slide can be visualized and archived more easily, furthermore, accurate analysis can be performed by our quantitative software applications. The steps of pathology workflow can be easily recorded with the help of server-based tools, thus simplifying data storage, grouping, arranging, and administration.

Our company offers various solutions for the different areas within this complex procedure.


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CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.

Pannoramic DESK

Pannoramic DESK is the affordable scanner solution for the small pathology laboratory.
Pannoramic DESK II


Pathologists can give reliable diagnosis when microscopic images are coupled with macroscopic ones.


PathoNet is a virtual meeting place for pathologists from all over the world.


CaseViewer is designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow