Digital TMA workflow

The tissue microarray (TMA) technique brings revolutionary changes in high-throughput diagnosis by being able to handle up to several hundred samples in one block or in one slide. With the TMA technique you can save a considerable amount of time, reagents, and slide storage while achieving more standardized laboratory conditions. Tissue microarrays can make working with and evaluation of IHC, FISH and other staining protocols faster and easier.

3DHISTECH’s tissue microarray product range covers every step of the digital TMA workflow.



TMA WorkfowStep 1.   Sample designation and slide preparation from the donor blocks

TMA Workfow

Step 2.    Slide scanning with a Pannoramic digital slide scanner

TMA Workfow
Step 3.    Marking the representative tissue regions
TMA Workfow
Step 4.    Block layout design in tha TMA Grand Master software
TMA Workfow
Step 5.    Digital slide overlay and marker transfer
TMA Workfow
Step 6.    Punching from donor block into recipient block and saving of Excel database
TMA Workfow
Step 7.    TMA slide scanning with a Pannoramic digital slide scanner
TMA Workfow
Step 8.    Evaluation of the TMA project using the TMA software and the Excel database

You need

Standardized solutions
For immunohistochemistry, constant quality is essential in all workflow phases. Whether it is tissue microarray block building, slide scanning or digital image analysis, you can be sure 3DHISTECH products provide the best quality.

High quality brightfield scanning
The Pannoramic SCAN digital slide scanner won the 1st prize of ‘Quality Scan 40x’ category at the first European Scanner Contest in 2010. The same optical path is used in all of the other Pannoramic scanners, delivering the best quality images to your screen in minutes!

Automated image quantification tools
Advanced image analysis algorithms are proved to be helpful in diagnosis of IHC stained samples. 3DHISTECH’s automated IHC quantification software are robust, powerful and cope with different stain intensities.

Workflow tools
More stains mean more data and you need to channel this huge amount of information into easily managable projects. The immunohistochemistry and TMA workflow tools from 3DHISTECH offer a flexible and standardized way to deal with these challenges.

Reviewing and reporting tools
The final step in the pathology workflow is of vital importance. You need to present your diagnosis data in an easy-to-understand and pleasing way. With the 3DHISTECH reviewing and reporting tools you can achieve this faster.

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