Pannoramic Viewer installation for Windows 8 users

Before installing Pannoramic Viewer 1.15.2 version please follow these steps. Do same way if you got "Installation failed, error code 65539"  error message during Viewer setup process.
Problem caused by earlier - non Windows 8 compatible - version of Safenet HASP driver. 

1. Get the appropriate Windows 8 compatible driver from SafeNet techsupport site ( Sentinel HASP/LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer)

2. When you downloaded HASP driver do the followings:

extract the haspdinst.exe file from the downloaded zip to your Desktop and run it from the command line  ( Windows, Run -  Cmd.exe) with "-i" switch. (Type this into command prompt: haspdinst.exe -i  and press enter)
Driver will be installed, automatically.

3. Now run the Pannoramic Viewer installer,   using the Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Download SlideDriver Installer