Gross examination

3DHISTECH places great emphasis on each step of the pathology workflow where imaging is performed. The first step of sample preparation is  macroscopic examination during which the sample is examined visually before microscopic examination. The image created with MacroStation makes it possible to record size and morphology as well, thus the macro image and the related clinical data define the orientation for diagnosis. Visual and informative data can be documented with the Track&Sign software that can connect to an existing HIS (Hopspital Information System) or LIS (Laboratory Information System), so the registration of the case is performed at this stage. Further steps during the processing of the case can also be documented with Track&Sign. During sample follow-up either the location of launch, the cassette and the block can be recorded.

Macroscopic and microscopic images can be stored in CaseCenter and viewed with CaseViewer.

We offer a complex solution fully covering the diagnostic process such as recording of macroscopic images and microscopic examination images (slides), their organization and archivation; simple tracking of clinical data, notes, and reporting.


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CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.


Pathologists can give reliable diagnosis when microscopic images are coupled with macroscopic ones.


CaseViewer is designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow