HistoQuant module

HistoQuant is a multi-purpose image analysis tool.


HistoQuant detects regions of interest based on the color and intensity information. You can use it for microscopic analysis and for tissue presegmentation as well.

Training the software to detect specific objects is simple, taking only a few clicks. With HistoQuant’s ability to separate up to 10 different layers, it can be used as a general purpose analysis tool that can work on any stain, brightfield or fluorescent. The software measures morpho- and densitometric features of the sample. The segmentation profile can be saved and applied during whole slide analysis or used for other slides in batch processing mode.

The staining-independent nature of HistoQuant makes it a powerful presegmentation tool. While PatternQuant is looking for tissue patterns, HistoQuant takes color information into account. If your region of interest is easily distinguishable by color, use HistoQuant to detect it, and then link the cell-based analysis algorithm after it, to save a lot of time.

The measurements can be visualized by by scatterplot, piechart, histogram, or gallery. Tissue cytometric features are also determined.


Other features:

  • Powerful gallery with re-scoring and co-localization function
  • Batch processing
  • Excel data export
  • Histogram, pie chart, scatterplot visualization options
  • Reporting

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QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications