iSaCS from 3DHISTECH integrates slide staining, coverslipping and scanning in one device, offering a convenient, flexible and cost-efficient solution for routine pathology or research labs. Thanks to its revolutionary "3 in 1" design, iSaCS integrates the laboratory workflow from unstained tissue to the quantitative evaluation of the digital slide in one device, freeing up valuable lab resources while saving on reagent costs.



iSaCS helps reduce laboratory operational expenses - thanks to its patented automatic sample detection, it ensures that only the effective sample area gets stained with exactly the desirable level of reagent. Thanks to its compact bench-top design, iSaCS also helps save valuable laboratory space.



iSaCS fully automates the workflow from unstained tissue to the quantitative IHC evaluation of the digital slide. It also contributes to effective laboratory data management as it can be integrated in an existing pathology workflow with an LIS/PIS, or used independently.


High quality

iSaCS offers high resolution digital slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescent mode. It avoids cross-contamination of samples and reagents and its built-in waste management system helps keep the laboratory clean.



Unlike competitors, iSaCS is an open system: it works with any reagent, offering users a high degree of flexibility. The optional QuantCenter tool provides several quantitative image analysis options for the digital slide.



Fully automated workflow

iSaCS fully automates a large part of the laboratory workflow from unstained tissue to the quantivative IHC evaluation on the digital slide. Sample treatment is standardized and controlled without human intervention; tasks are executed in parallel thanks to its modular construction.


Flexible and cost-effective immunostainer

iSaCS' immunostainer is an open system, it works with any reagent. Its patented automatic sample detection ensures that only the effective sample area gets stained, resulting in a reagent consumption of 47µl per slide - half of what competitive stainers use.


High-capacity coverslipper

iSaCS' high-capacity coverslipper unit is capable of handling 150 glass coverslips (22 x 50 mm size).


Versatile scanning

iSaCs offers both brightfield and fluorescent scanning capability. Thanks to its modular construction, the scanning device can be used separately as an individual scanner. The first digital slides can be viewed in CaseCenter during scanning for speedy evaluation.


Automated image analysis

Using QuantCenter's several analysis modules as optional image analysis tools, automated quantitative evaluation of digital slides is possible right after scanning is completed.



Integrated Immunohistochemistry Workflow

  • Integrated Immunohistochemistry Workflow optimizes reagents and antibody resources, minimizes the turnover time and maximizes quality and reliability.
  • Digital pathology enables staining integrated with automated evaluation and analysis.
  • The main challenge is to automate the routine detection of tissue antigen markers by using the advantage of digital imaging technology in the immunohistochemical workflow.
  • iSaCS combines fully automated unique digital microstaining with world-class digital slide scanning and software-based evaluation technique.


iSaCS user interface

Patented automatic sample detection ensures that only the identified sample gets stained with exactly the desirable level of reagent. This way it significantly reduces reagent costs in order to keep laboratory operating expenses low.


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