Molecular and developmental histology

Developmental biology is the field of biology that studies the processes by which multicellular organisms grow and develop, controlled by their genes. 

In the molecular histology genetic studies are performed on model animals, which monitor embryonic development through the sequence sections of the different stages. Models include: Drozofila, Zebrafish, Caenohabditis elegans.

When testing embryonic tissues of larger animals, we recommend the Pannoramic DESK II, which allows for scanning slides of larger size. These are Xenophus, Mus musculus, Gallus gallus.

Embryonic development studies:

  • Differentiation of cell lines
  • Multiple immunization
  • Colocalization
  • Follow-up of regeneration phases (Planarians, Salamandra limbs, cnidarians: jellyfish and sponges)


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