Invitation to the ECP 2013

Please, visit us at booth number 7 at the

Annual Meeting of the 25th European Congress of Pathology ,

where 3DHISTECH proudly presents its new developments.

Date: 31 August - 4 September, 2013
Location:Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

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Meet us at ECP 2013!

Exhibiting at ECP 2013


TMA Grand Master

TMA Grand Master with PCR extraction function

The tissue microarray (TMA) technique can be used as a valuable, high-throughput diagnostic method. By being able to place up to several hundred different samples into one paraffin block, TMA brings major economies in time quality and costs of tissue preparation, staining and slide preparation. The real advantages of tissue microarrays can only be achieved when using digital TMA.
With 6  PCR cassettes and 10  PCR tubes / cassette.





Staining-Coverslipping-Scanning unit: 3DHISTECH is the first company to combine 3 very important steps of the pathology workflow in a single device!
• IHC/IF staining, coverslipping, high quality and high speed brightfield and fluorescent scanning in one
• Minimized reagent usage based on preview image of tissue sample, cuts reagent costs by 50%
• Fully automated scanning after staining enables immediate on-line access to images
• Individual and parallel slide handling in fine-tuned manipulation modules
• Large capacity, compact and integrated design, bench-top construction saves valuable lab space



Laser Micro-Dissector

Digital Laser Microdissector

Laser microdissection (LMD) is a contamination-free method to isolate cells of interest for molecular analysis. With 3DHISTECH and MMI, it is now possible to combine the advantages of digital pathology and molecular pathology.
• Marking on digital slides: anytime, anywhere you are
• Connect with a specialist remotely: secure and fast
• Sharing the work between Specialist and Assistant reduces costs significantly
• Automatic marking with image analysis tools makes possible to select thousands of cells in a quick way
• Sensitive samples can be stored in safe place during consultation and area selection