Exhibiting at Pathology Visions 2013

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Pathology Visions 2013 by Digital Pathology Association,

where 3DHISTECH proudly presents new developments.

Date: 29th of September - 1st of October, 2013
Location: Grand Hyatt San Antonio, San Antonio, TX


P250 II

Pannoramic 250 Flash II

According to the results of the 2nd International Scanner Contest (ISC), this is the fastest digital slide scanner on the market at both 20x and 40x resolution. Designed for routine digital pathology, the new Flash II easily meets your needs, from high quality to high capacity.


Digital Pathology Cockpit

3DHISTECH is introducing the Digital Pathology Cockpit which combines the comfort of microscope navigation with the highest quality digital slides. What is more, the Digital Pathology Cockpit allows you to fully utilize the advantages of digital slides in the clinical environment.

TMA Grand Master

TMA Grand Master with PCR extraction

The tissue microarray (TMA) technique can be used as a valuable, high-throughput diagnostic method. By being able to place up to several hundred different samples into one paraffin block, TMA brings major economies in time quality and costs of tissue preparation, staining and slide preparation. The real advantages of tissue microarrays can only be achieved when using digital TMA.                   
With 6  PCR cassettes and 10  PCR tubes / cassette.

TMA module

TMA module

• For high throughput tissue microarray analysis
• Project based: multi-user, multi-slide
• Uses measurement data from the image quantification applications
• Flexible gallery



Always be closer than three clicks from any of your slides. CaseCenter is a robust web-based database for storing, managing and distributing your slides. VirtualTray collects slides and images of a whole case into one continuous view that makes your daily work more efficient than ever before.



Multi-layer IHC image analysis based on tissue recognition. 3DHISTECH introduces a software tool for high throughput IHC analysis. By first segmenting the sample on the tissue level, the cell based algorithms can run faster and provide more reliable results. QuantCenter is designed for predictive and prognostic marker quantification and can be adapted to your lab’s IHC protocols.



Teach your software to detect the areas of interest on your slides automatically! Run quantification algorithms on automatically detected ROIs to save time and effort!



The new NuclearQuant software application performs automatic evaluation on IHC nuclear stainings (ER, PR, Ki67, etc.). Using color deconvolution it measures staining intensity only on the chromogen channel. The algorithm categorizes the detected nuclei to negative, weak positive, medium positive and strong positive classes. The new classification gallery is also available for locating the detections one by one and rescoring.



The new MembraneQuant software application offers automated evaluation for IHC membrane stainings (HER-2, EGFR, etc.). With the help of color deconvolution the intensity measurements are performed only on the chromogen channel. The algorithm categorizes the detected cells (+, ++, +++), and determines the H-score for the annotated area. In the classification gallery can view, find and also rescore the detected membranes.



In the 1.15.4. release we made the measurement possibilities of FISHQuant complete. Not only can FISHQuant work on cell samples, but the image processing of tissue samples is also possible. The new program, while maintaining the functionality of Cyto FISH, received a secondary non-specific measurement option, which allows for the numerical analysis of translocation probes, containing no structural abnormalities, and display the combined results of the two
                                                            measurements and statistical analysis.



CT for microscopy! 3DView can show you the reconstructed model of the tissue in microscopic details.
• Works with digital slides or standard images of serial sections
• Automatic alignment of consecutive layers
• Flexible visualization options (sectioning plane, HE masking, separate FL channel management, etc.)
• 2D and volumetric measurements

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