Announcement of IVD & CFS certificates for Pannoramic 250 FLASH

3DHISTECH is pleased to announce that the PannoramicTM 250 FLASH digital slide scanner acquired IVD and CFS certificates!

General in vitro medical devices (IVD):

3DHISTECH as the manufacturer of Pannoramic 250 FLASH automated digital microscope declares that this product is subject of the 98/79/EC directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices. Under normal and proper conditions of use, the operation of this device is not harmful to the patient’s, operator’s, or other personnel’s health or safety.

Free Sales Certificates (CFS):

The Department of Medical Devices of the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures certifies that the Pannoramic 250 FLASH digital microscope manufactured by 3DHISTECH Ltd. fulfils the legal requirements of placing it on the market and have been registered by the Authority for Medical Devices.


IVD certificate issued to Pannoramic 250 FLASH

CFS certificate issued to Pannoramic 250 FLASH

Now every member of the Pannoramic digital slide scanner family has IVD and CFS certificates!

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