The development of digital microscopy allows for online teleconsultation and education, as well as more accurate measurements and evaluation according to the requirements of the 21st century.

Getting a second opinion is now more important in the pathology workflow than ever. The need for specialization and economic rationalization in hospitals mean that one often needs to ask their colleagues for help. On the other hand, patients would like to get a reliable diagnosis fast. This poses a great challenge to the traditional pathological diagnosis process.

In the era of pathology digitization, medical consultation is easy and fast. You can make your digital slides available to any colleague in seconds, no matter where they are. What is more, all of this is simple and secure.



  • Speed: Share your digital slides with anyone in the whole world with a couple of mouse clicks. You do not have to wait for your sample to get back to you as it always stays with you.
  • Precision: You can mark the region of interest using digital microscopes but there is always a chance for sampling error. On the digital slides, however, annotated areas can always be found while you have the whole sample at hand.
  • Real-time consultation: Create a real-time teleconsultation session over the internet with colleagues from the whole world! This way, every participant can see the same slide on their monitor and everyone can lead the teleconsultation session for efficient information exchange.
  • Data access: Are you away from your desk? You can access digital information from everywhere – all you need is an internet connection and a PC or an iPad. This brings a huge improvement in flexibility.
  • Teaching: Instead of preparing a sample for each student, and making sure your students see what you want them to see, you can have just one high quality digital slide which you share with them.

    All students will see the same area on their screen – and the students do not even have to sit in the same room!


…and Secure    

Digital information is shared much easier and faster than physical information. Why send your valuable glass slide physically, risking breaking it or losing it, if you can share the digital copy in high quality and in mere seconds? Biological samples need to be stored properly, but hazards can be excluded by sharing digital data. Duplication of digital information and thus achieving a higher level of data security could not be simpler.


There are two types of teleconsultation: online and offline. At the latter, secondary opinion of the examined case can be requested with the Share Case function.


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