Tumor Board review

Simple presentation of macroscopic and microscopic diagnosis with digital pathology tools. The Tumor Board review meeting can play an important role in medical diagnosis, especially in cancer treatment. Doctors of different specialties can have a discussion about possible treatment options of a case. Digital slides can easily be used for this purpose as they can be accessed remotely, and, with the right software, can be shown and managed as one case.
TumorBoard is designed to increase the efficiency of multidisciplinary reviews, and it provides advanced viewing and navigation features for the efficient handling of the case.


•  Web-based database of slides and cases
•  Advanced user-rights-management
•  Fast search among cases and slides
•  Teleconsultation abilities

Pannoramic Viewer, CaseViewer and multi-platform InstantViewer
•  The framework for slide handling
•  Annotation abilities

•  For comparing the same areas with different protein expressions in the serial samples of the tissue block
•  Slide rotation and alignment
•  Project-based case handling: navigate on multiple slides at once
•  Intuitive gallery


Optional components

IHC quantification applications
•  NuclearQuant: for IHC nuclear stains (ER, PR, Ki67)
•  MembraneQuant: for IHC membrane stains (HER2, EGFR)
•  DensitoQuant: for measuring pixel density in IHC samples
Use the batch mode quantification on a set of slides to save time.
Simply assign previously created measurement profiles to the specific slides and execute the job list.

Reporting tool
CaseReport: create a measurement report of the whole case with a mouse click. Patient and measurement data is included along with reference images, and the report is generated in a printable format.
Binding attachments in CaseCenter is ideal for presenting deformations contained in the report.
The following materials can be accessed with the tool:

  • Reports
  • Macro images
  • Grossing
  • Slide sets (series of slides)
  • Evaluated slides


TumorBoard provides advanced viewing and navigation features for efficient handling of the case.


CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.


CaseViewer is designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow