Anatomy and Histology

Anatomy and histology convey important conceptual and practical scientific knowledge to students concerning the structure of the human body, the organization principles of its cells, tissues, organs and organ systems, as well as the structure of the peripheral and central nervous system.

Since a small number of structually well-distinguishable samples are needed, we recommend using Pannoramic DESK for this purpose.

Archiving rare samples of comparative histology is also important, for which purpose the CaseCenter database can be used. Since representative samples are used in education, the Exam Module is a perfect tool for this purpose.


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CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.

Exam Module

One of the most popular fields of using digital slides is education.
Exam Module

Pannoramic DESK

Pannoramic DESK is the affordable scanner solution for the small pathology laboratory.
Pannoramic DESK II