The benefits of using Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners

Scan with the same device histology, cytology or molecular stained tissues with brightfield or fluorescence mode!


High image quality even in case of thick samples

Thick, standard and thin sample compatible (3-6 µm)

Scan daily routine and archive slides

Compatible with thick, standard and thin glass slides (0.8-1.2 mm)

Saves scan time and storage space

Automatic tissue detection - no empty area scanning


Suitable for suboptimal (fat, smear, blood etc.) samples

Flexible settings for various tissue properties


Wide range of resolutions

Automatic 20x and 40x objective changer


Compatibility with various coverslippers

Use film or glass coverslip


LIS, HIS and immunostainer integration

Dual barcode compatible


Flexible slide access

Direct scanning on slide server


Quick zoom of images, true colour representation

Purpose built MRXS file format for lossless compression, supporting BF, FL, multilayer scanning


Built in quality control

Quantitative focus quality measurement



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