Digital Pathology Cockpit

The future of pathology is digital. Working with digital slides instead of glass slides enables you to diagnose faster, easier and in better quality. However, switching to digital slides requires a change in the way you diagnose.
3DHISTECH is introducing the Digital Pathology Cockpit which combines the comfort of microscope navigation with the highest quality digital slides*. What is more, the Digital Pathology Cockpit allows you to fully utilize the advantages of digital slides in the clinical environment.

* The Pannoramic digital slide scanners have won the 2012 International Scanner Contest in the following categories: Scanning speed at 20x and at 40x resolution, Image quality at 40x resolution, Image analysis, Green IT.


High resolution monitor for slide viewing and diagnosis

• Barco Nio Color 3MP HB (21”) or
• Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS (27”) or similar

Mobile Pathology Tool

• Remote digital slide access anywhere: true mobile pathology
• Intuitive navigation

Monitor for CaseCenter

Min. SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixel) resolution



CaseViewer for slide viewing and teleconsultation
• TumorBoard for case management
• CaseCenter for remote slide access

Slide Driver for easy navigation

• Microscope-like navigation for digital slides
• Device support in Pannoramic Viewer


With the Digital Pathology Cockpit you can finally enjoy the new possibilities of digital slides and the ease of navigation at the same time! The Digital Pathology Cockpit is fully customizable so ask your local 3DHISTECH partner for an offer that suits you best!

Product brochure