MembraneQuant module

MembraneQuant is a tool for fast and robust IHC membrane analysis.


MembraneQuant performs automatic evaluation on IHC membrane stainings (HER2, EGFR, etc). Using color deconvolution, MembraneQuant detects cell membrane and measures staining intensity on the chromogen channel. This way it is possible to calibrate the software to the actual stain protocol in the pathology lab. The algorithm categorizes the detected membrane to weak positive, medium positive and strong positive classes.

This software has an IVD certification for HER2 quantification.

Linkable module concept: Run PatternQuant or HistoQuant for tissue pre-segmentation first to get more precise results and to speed up the cell based measurement. A whole digital slide can be analyzed in a matter of minutes.


Other features:

  • Powerful gallery with re-scoring and co-localization function
  • Batch processing
  • Excel data export
  • Histogram, pie chart, scatterplot visualization options
  • Reporting


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QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications

HistoQuant module

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