PatternQuant module

PatternQuant is a pattern recognition based tissue segmentation software.


Teach the software to detect relevant tissue structures on your digital slides automatically and run quantification algorithms on presegmented tissue structures to save time and effort!


Tissue Presegmentation

Instead of selecting areas manually for cell-based quantification or running the algorithm on the whole tissue, use PatternQuant for presegmentation.

After a quick training, PatternQuant can detect different tissue structures (e.g. tumor area, stroma or inflammation) on the whole digital sample within seconds. After the PatternQuant measurement, the different tissue classes are summarized (total area and percentages), and you can apply the cell-based analysis on the detected areas.

Detected regions of interests can also be used for cell-based analysis, thus making multi-level measurements possible. With the automated detection of regions of interests, you can save a lot of time and hassle while achieving more precise results.



Other features:

  • Batch processing

  • Excel data export


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HistoQuant module

HistoQuant detects regions of interest based on the color and intensity information.